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Manage Campaign workflow through a web-based tool that provides visibility, controls and frees your team from onerous administration plus removes the time spent with spreadsheets.

  • Visibility of business processes and approvals.

  • Align campaign schedules to the critical path.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets and disjointed e-mail communications.

  • Seamless update to campaign activity across store network and sales channels.

  • Capture all campaign activity including Point of Sale, Digital, Events, NPD launch plus more.

Data Repository

Import and export system information, reducing data entry. Useful cost analysis and reporting.


Workflow Approvals

Manage your team workflow and approvals.  User defined Dashboard of key activity.  Auto-generate the Marketing Timeline.


Campaign Allocations

Automation of Campaign Allocation based on bespoke attributes.  POS Checklists, including procurement functionality.

SaaS or Managed Service

Youtopia software is a SaaS solution, that is robust and straight forward to install.  We design highly effective tools that are readily configured to allow controlled access across authorised users.  Our clients have the choice of implementing our products as part of your in-house solution or outsourced managed services. 

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