Virtual Private Marketplaces
& Sourcing Initiatives

Connecting your people, to your suppliers, your way.



Youtopia provides the software and support services for Virtual Private Marketplaces:  an on-line portal with authorised access to approved products and services, configured to individual preferences.  


Founded in 2011 with the belief clients should connect to their suppliers using their own software, not the suppliers’ online catalogues.  This way our clients gain the convenience of a single point of contact (SPOC) to multiple suppliers, assured continuity, centrally negotiated pricing and greater control. Suppliers benefit from greater adoption of their approved range, plus simplified billing process.  

Our work with marketing and operational teams of major organisations, led to Youtopia software including tools that facilitate related workflows eg requests for bespoke products, booking event items, campaign management and allocations.

Client ERP systems are typically focussed on the “front end” trading solution.  The plans and needs for the “back of house” supply chain are often too far down the priority list or too expensive to be configured.  Youtopia provides a cost-effective SaaS solution that is easy to use and easy to configure, readily meeting the needs of multi-branch organisations. 



Youtopia’s portal is likened to Amazon for enterprise.  Our clients select their suppliers, products and services plus how they want their supply chain configured. There’s a range of workflow tools to help with sourcing initiatives too. 

We have designed the right mix of highly effective tools that are robust yet flexible and straight forward to install.

  • Communication Centre

A single point of contact (SPOC) for sourcing products and services is an ideal place to share information across your network.  As an extension of your intranet, Youtopia’s Comms Centre has a range of features and functionality to spread your news and achieve compliance.  MORE

  • Ordering Portal

The portal is proven, intuitive and easy to use.  This results in greater compliance, reduced rogue spend and enhanced visibility, helping the introduction of new procurement initiatives.  MORE


  • Warehousing & Logistics

Through a suite of APIs Youtopia can link to your 3PL (third party logistics provider) displaying real time information relating to client-owned products, availability plus track and trace orders.   MORE


  • Campaign Management

An enormous amount of time can be saved by facilitating regular, laborious tasks. Our Campaign Manager makes it easier to plan the various steps and timeline involved with marketing campaigns, plus helps the sourcing, allocation and distribution of the different materials involved.  MORE


  • Procurement Support Services

Our clients have the choice of implementing Youtopia software as part of an in-house solution or outsourced managed service. Our organisation has the resources available to deliver any or all of the components involved with your end-to-end solution.  MORE



Youtopia Technologies is a business that has a proven offering, built up over more than ten years.Our software is proudly implemented within solutions for many prominent organisations and government ministries:



John-G Snaith
John-G Snaith

Managing Director John combines financial management skills with the leadership of our highly experienced team of specialists. Starting his career with Mercedes-Benz provided the ideal environment to learn the needs of major organisations and the importance of brand guardianship. Moving to New Zealand in 1997 he joined the print industry, which led to him founding True North Managed Services and Youtopia Technologies.

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Anthony Karam
Anthony Karam

Director Anthony was appointed as Managing Director of Ticket Manufacturers Australia Pty Limited in 1996 and continues to serve on many boards. Anthony has been Executive Chairman of TMA Group of Companies Limited since 2010. He has served on the Board of the Parking Association of Australia for over seven years and in 2015 was appointed as Vice President of Parking Australia. He also holds a number of director positions in companies located in Australia, New Zealand, China and Hong Kong.

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Mike Burke
Mike Burke

Director Mike’s 20+ years of business experience covers many facets of business management, from strategy, sales and marketing to value creation and delivery, earned in both the entrepreneurial and corporate environments. He has worked with some of New Zealand and the world’s largest brands and businesses in the banking, FMCG and telco industries, among others. Mike is also owner of Point16, a growth business consultancy.

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Will Cooper
Will Cooper

Chief Technical Officer A Top 4 consultant by trade, Will has worked with some of New Zealand’s largest companies helping navigate and leverage the ever changing digital landscape to their advantage. Will has a knack with scaling start-ups through innovative business modelling but absolutely excels with corporates, identifying how they can use technology to explode customer experience and business outcomes.

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