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Connecting your people to your suppliers, your way.

Youtopia’s B2B procurement portal provides a single source for your authorised users to access all manner of products and services from your approved suppliers.  The ordering system is ideal for all types of operational and marketing supplies.  An end-to-end solution, Youtopia Connect extends the length of the supply chain.

Proven across many major organisations and government ministries.

Youtopia Connect Diagram.png
Procurement Savings

Easy to use, leading to greater compliance reduces rogue spend and provides visibility across all activity.  Banner messages and communication tools facilitate the introduction of new procurement initiatives.


Single Point of Contact

Through a single point of contact, the user experience provides a straight forward, intuitive way to access greater choice with the desired approval protocols and fewer handling errors.  With a single password, users gain authorised access to a suite of workflow tools and third party applications.


SaaS or Managed Service

Youtopia software is a SaaS solution, that is robust and straight forward to install.  We design highly effective tools that are readily configured to allow controlled access across authorised users.  Our clients have the choice of implementing our products as part of your in-house solution or outsourced managed services.

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